Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I have just reaped one of the many benefits of keeping this blog going: I read my old posts and remembered life gone by. It is amazing that I am going through the same thing now that I went through a year ago and six months ago...will I never learn?


I have been inspired by my j-term trip to journal. By "inspired" I mean it was part of the class that we had to write a journal entry every day and now I am just used to it. Really, I started this blog to do more or less of the same thing: record what is happening to me so that I can look back at it in the future and laugh at myself. I cannot, however, put anything I want on this blog since anyone with a computer that has a connection ranging from 150 baud to infinite gigabits can access it. This is the purpose of my journal.

I am trying to think of a name for it right now so I can label it and tell it apart from my other moleskine journals. Hmmmmm... maybe "man-diary."