Sunday, November 29, 2009

*Sigh* history

Over Thanksgiving break I decided to try and compile a genealogy of my mother's side of the family. Luckily, people in my family have already done a lot of work in this area, and I just had to root through a bunch of old papers and texts to find what I needed. I am far from finished, but I found that my mom's side comes from nobility in England. Turns out that the reason we even came to the United States is really odd. Here is the story I copied from our family history-thingy (This happened before the revolutionary war, as James, my ancestor, was able to enlist and serve a full term of service.):

"When James was about twelve years of age he was playing with his cousin Francis King and some other boys on the King's royal grounds at the rear of the palace. the boys were having great sport with sling shots, trying to hit some geese in an artificial lake. While showing his skill James Jr. accidently killed one of the royal geese belonging to the King. James, knowing, that the English king had people heheaded for more trivial things than killing a goose, was badly frightened and his first thought was to run away from the king's wrath and parental punishment. So with his cousin, Francis King, who considered himself an accessory to the crime, the two little boys hastened to the London warfs where they found a large vessel about to sail. Stealthily going aboard the ship the boys concealed themselves in the hold and were not discovered until well out at sea. When the ship reached Boston, the captain of the vessel had the boys bound out to a ship builder for a term of years that they might earn money to pay for their passage to America."

It figures that this would be my noble, goose-slaying lineage.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Single cycle cpu

Working on my single cycle cpu for computer architecture. Surprisingly, it is coming along without too many headaches. I still need to write an assembler to test it but I would say I am a third done with my processor.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

One of the best IM conversations ever:

Daniel: I'm texting in Haiku

Daniel: !

Daniel: Grin.png

Anthony: so you are my friend

Anthony: if only you would text me

Anthony: i would gladly talk

Daniel: k I'll wait for you

this cell phone is quite the beast


Daniel: Grin.png

Anthony: dead I have nay been

but eating cherries always


Anthony: (exclamation mark)

Daniel: I would text you sir

Do you have a Texting Plan?

I just need to know

Daniel: LOL

Daniels: Nice

Anthony: that I do my sir

250 texts free

it renews monthly

Daniel: Pigs are mostly pink

Rice is dandy when eaten

Bacon is tasty

Anthony: my pants are on fire

water should put them out soon

but i like hot pants

Anthony: i am going up

my room i will occupy

back i will soon be

Daniel: dastardly she taught

her teaching is way too foul

get me out of here

Daniel: I call it Wah

Daniel: WAH

Daniel: And I have a revision

Daniels: dastardly she taught

the teaching is way too foul

get me out of here

Anthony: her name I wonder

what class art thou in my friend

does it spell your doom?

Anthony: help I wish to lend

not so much to be a fiend

but aid will i give

Anthony: cries of pain I hear

but teaching cannot be cause

pain is nay all bad

Daniel: rachel smith it is

the western art history

much better than AAH

Daniel: Orvieto helps

the second class avoided

crisis averted

Anthony: class has not ended?

how long are you confined there?

prayers are in order

Anthony: ha, Orvieto

legendary place it is

your tales excite me

Anthony: the cries of many

the whimpering of a few

you speak for both groups

Daniel: from one until three

my bindings grow tighter still

glad to have such friends

Daniel: Tuesday and thursday

the time constantly repeats

semester ends soon

Anthony: so true are those words

better friends I cannot have

less they have bacon

Anthony: too soon does it end

my GPA is not strong

graduation? ha!

Daniel: Truly i am bacon

so in many ways i win


Anthony: my last name you spell

the syllables are correct

proud I am of you

Daniels: Grin.png

Anthony: the pig-meat speaks truth

how I wish for cook-ed pork

filling arteries

Daniel: I am logging these

a moment forever more

saved on my compy

Anthony: I am logging, too

the internet will soon see

real conversations

Anthony: how long can we go

wonder I in my free time

until we are stopped

Daniel: hour and a half

short banter demonstrates wit

i will dare to say

Anthony: a long time that is

to exercise my brain cells

they may not make it

Daniels: strong sleep approaches

i will not make it either

very sad panda

Daniel: T.T

Anthony: argument is null

Shaq is holding a panda

what think you now, friend?

Anthony: I hope you sleep well

to homework I must venture

death in its embrace

Daniel: Have fun my good friend

I hope a swift death ensues

lingering pain sucks...

Anthony: so true are your words

homework drains my life slowly

dead I will be soon

Anthony: on my blog i post

of good conversations long

true friends have I, bye

Saturday, November 7, 2009

J-Term Trip and major.

This J-term I am lucky enough to be able to go on the Footsteps of Paul trip! Through the donations of others and my summer job I was able to stockpile enough money to pay it off... *phew* load off my mind. Pretty psyched about that.

As for my major, there was much talk as to me changing it, mostly because I didn't like it anymore. I was sure God was telling me to change it, I just didn't know what to change it to. But after a harrowing set of events I am still a computer engineer and as confused as always. Honestly, I feel like I have been tossed around by God over this decision, but I still trust him (not to mention that all the stress and worry that I had about this decision was probably unwarranted).